Early October we teamed up with berlin-based Modular Gang founder Rachel Lyn. Together with her we created a beautiful limited edition of our Dual Discrete VCA module inspired by the aesthetics of vintage appliances and early electronic test equipment like the old control room tucked away in Berlin’s Kraftwerk building.
For the occasion we did for first time since common ground closing a workshop with a little party. (stay updated on social cause more are coming).


You can find the limited edition module here :)

Kassiopeia meets Osmium------------------
We've been busy with improving the circuitry of our upcoming motor / solenoid controlling device called Kassiopeia. During the summer we've had the honor of working together with Hildur Gudnadottir, Sam Slater and James Ginzburg from Osmium and develop and modify custom instruments with them for their gig on Unsound Festival in October. We've made ample use of the Kassiopeia prototypes for that occasion and Kassiopeia has now seen the stage light for the first time already!


And as a little gift for you we created a coupon for Black Friday which gives you a 10% discount on every product till 03.12.22

Have a nice music production :) :)

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