Power Interconnect Quesitons
Hiya KOMA!

I was referred to ya'll by a forum post when I was looking at trying to see if a standard for case to case interconnects existed and attempting to come up with one that might be a good starting point. My design used 4-pin XLRs. The power sources would have a female XLR and the power destinations a male. I was pondering unregulated DC and using linear PSUs to bring the voltages down to +- 12V (and optionally +5V but I kinda ignored that for now since it seems rather rare these days) or using standard +/- 12V and being mindful of cable distance and things due to voltage drop.

That's just what I came up with but then I saw ya'll have what appears to be a Molex style solution. My question was around if you would be willing to share the pinout and design with me and perhaps other folks in an effort to try and get a case to case (and power to case) interconnect standard?

I'm a small boutique case maker which I guess kinda makes us competitors but mine aren't nearly as nice as yours and I'm over in the US so I think we comfortably sit in different market segments perhaps! As a user of Eurorack though, the lack of modular cases has bothered me (I see yours are expandable which is fantastic!). Being able to start with a small enclosure and power supply, then extend to other enclosures (without having to get rid of the old one) and then upgrade the power solution as needed seems to me to be the spirit of modular yet I haven't really seen that? I think there's only one case maker that has any sort of case to case power interconnect (forgive me I don't remember the name, but it's one of the metal case makers).

Anyways just curious as to your thoughts! Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask. I couldn't find a direct contact us link to an email and thought this was better than hitting ya'll up on Instagram.
Hiya back!

Thanks for contacting here and not on Instagram, that's the spirit. This way everyone can see all relevant information in one spot.

You are in fact not the first person inquiring about the pinout of our Strom system and usually when people ask over the support, I'll gladly give it away so they can DIY their own solutions around their own cases and creations. I mean, everybody with a multimeter can just measure the pinout of our connectors, so there is really no legit space for secrecy here.

I think this is a good chance to make a nice documentation about the pinout of our Strom system and have it available for future distribution, so I suggest you just wait a couple of days and I will update both our relevant product pages and add a post here to share the info.

Wish you all the best with your case manufacturing!
Here is the info you was looking for :)

Hope it helps with your project. 

Since now you can all find this info in the products webpage specifications

.pdf   power.pdf (Size: 3.45 MB / Downloads: 3)

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