Field Kit Speaker Output
Hi, i need some support with the speaker output on the koma fieldkit, i wanted to use a louder speaker as the speaker i got is not loud enough to use to interact with on certain objects. i read the manual and it says the output is 500 mw/ but all the speakers i was able to find we really tiny toy speakers, how can i appropriate something more louder for this purpose and what d you recommend . thankyou
Hello Celine 

I'm not really sure what is the solution you are looking for :(  ¿Connecting a big speaker to the FieldKit?

First of all, think is clear we don't recommend to use motors or speakers with different property that are written in the manual; so if the speaker you want to use doesn't fit in that characteristic you risk to short the instrument.

Back at your problem what I personal do is using an external gear to do that; for example having the audio source going to a proper speaker out, and still use you FK with his own channels to create feedback.

If you explain me better what you want we can find a solution together

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