Here is our first teaser of the KASSIOPEIA just for you users of the community.
The product has finished its first stage of development and we hope that the ongoing chip shortage won't keep us from producing it soon.

Feel free to ask any questions, imagine how you would use it in your setup, and let us know what you think (we will take that into consideration) :)

Looks very promising! When is it due to be released?
Should be released within the next three months now. We sort of last-minute changed a hardware part (switch) and need to prototype the enclosure again before production. But development is essentially finished, so it shouldn't take too long from now on.
Any news about the KASSIOPEIA?
(06-12-2023, 12:15 PM)nargos Wrote: Any news about the KASSIOPEIA?

We had to do some changes on switches (it took nearly one month just to receive a switch cap xD) and components but the PCB testing are done and prototypes work perfectly. 
We are waiting right now for the enclosure prototypes and than everything will be ready for production :))

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