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Field Kit Sensor Pack A Malfunctioning? - kevinciao - 11-21-2022

Hey all, I'm having some troubles with my Field Kit sensors from the Sensor Pack A.

They don't appear to be working correctly, or only work occasionally and I'm wondering if the issue is with my Field Kit or the sensors or if I'm missing something?

The only sensors that seem to function (if at all) are the ball sensor and button. When plugged into the SWITCH IN, I have gotten the ball switch to for example trigger the DC Driver, however it only works about 20% of the times I have tried. I plug it in the identical way with the same settings and it doesn't work. I turn it off and turn it on again, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. 

On the signal input, only the ball switch and the button switch have been able to work, and here again the ball switch only works on occasion. Everything else has no impact whatsoever. 

When plugging the connectors in I always make sure they're flush to the sensor and that the D5Gs are correctly aligned. 

Are there any common issues that could cause this? Am I doing something wrong or missing something?